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The United Way of Northern Arizona has launched a special fund to benefit organizations providing direct services to people impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Our Focus

Our youth are under stress, as evidenced by the number of children living in unstable home conditions, the rising trend in death by suicide among youth, and the lack of life – and decision-making skills that have led to problem behaviors and outcomes, causing harm to our youth and our community.

Our youth need – and want – social, educational, and community support to succeed. The United Way – with our community partners – will address the critical community need.

Serving the Flagstaff community since 1967, United Way of Northern Arizona is more committed than ever to collaborate with our valued partners to coordinate efforts and leverage resources to invest in the power and potential of successful and resilient youth.

This is our community and our future. We are focused and determined to achieve our shared purpose. This is the new United Way of Northern Arizona.

Our Goals

We will achieve our purpose through the realization of these goals:

Take Action Today and Make a Difference

Community involvement is critical to our success, and the success of our youth. Our donors include corporations, workplace volunteers, individuals and foundations. To make a difference now, we encourage you to give, advocate and/or volunteer for collaborative projects that assist our youth in building key life skills.

Consider the difference the United Way of Northern Arizona has already made with your valuable help. As many as 87,000 mentoring hours have been provided to youth. More than 45,000 books have been given to our children. What’s more, 387 children have completed KinderCamp™, a school-readiness program that helps children become better prepared for kindergarten.

If you’d like to have a say in how we invest in the power and potential of youth, you can become one of our local volunteers. As a volunteer, you may review applications and conduct site visits to our partners, ultimately recommending how the community impact funds should be disbursed. The final funding decisions are made by our Board of Directors, who are community members, just like you. To give today, click the button below.

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Untreated mental health issues often lead to substance abuse and risky behaviors, and can hinder our children’s ability to reach their full potential. The impact of that then ripples out to society at large in the form of decreased workplace productivity and burdens on our healthcare systems. 🏥

Many of the partners UWNA supports provide programs and services helping our youth develop strategies for coping with anxiety and stress, such as mentoring programs. Our youth shelter programs provide not only basic need items like food and clothing, but trauma services, substance abuse programs, and mental health screenings. 

It’s a good start, but we need to do more. 💭

#MentalHealth #Awareness #Youth #HighSchool #UnitedWay #SteppingUpForOurYouth
Experts point to many reasons why there is an unprecedented youth mental health crisis right now. The disruptions of the pandemic certainly exacerbated mental health issues, making youth feel isolated and profoundly lonely, but many issues existed well before 2020. 

Social media has a role in this crisis. Passive consumption of curated images and videos give our youth unrealistic perceptions about everything from body image to life achievements. Add to that, of course, the potential of cyberbullying. 📱

United Way of Northern Arizona recognizes that our youth are facing unprecedented challenges in their mental health and not addressing this issue could lead to long-term consequences, both for our youth and our society. 

#MentalHealth #Awareness #Youth #HighSchool #UnitedWay #SteppingUpForOurYouth
With the rising costs of housing, many people in our community are challenged with instability, making it almost impossible for families to meet their needs, especially for their children. 

We are committed to supporting local families and our youth by providing access to housing affordability resources. 🏠

Follow along with our mission and share this post to help us spread awareness for our community members in need. 

#UnitedWay #United #UnitedWayofNorthernArizona #NorthernArizona #Housing #AffordableHousing
When school started last year, the EdWeeks Research Center (part of the publication Education Week) conducted a survey, asking high school students the following question:

In the past year, what, if anything, has had a negative impact on your mental health? 🤔

Here was the statistic that pulled me up short: only 16% of the respondents said “nothing.”

That means 84% had experienced enough stress and anxiety – about everything from school to the future of our planet – that it had a detrimental effect on their mental health. 

#MentalHealth #Awareness #Youth #HighSchool #UnitedWay #SteppingUpForOurYouth