Improving lives by mobilizing communities to create lasting changes in community conditions.

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Investing in the Power and Potential of Successful, Resilient Youth
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Crisis Response Fund

When our community faces pandemics, wildfires, floods or other emergencies, the United Way of Northern Arizona (UWNA) marshals the volunteers and financial support needed to Step Up and meet the challenge to help those most in need. Supporting community members in Coconino, Navajo and Apache Counties. To help our neighbors affected by the #Tunnefire either click the link below or Text UWNARESPONSE to 41444
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Step Up for Our Community

Annual Campaign
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Step Up
for Our Community

Annual Campaign

Step Up For Our Youth

Investing in the Power and Potential of Successful, Resilient Youth. Click on the button below to learn about the latest initiative from the United Way of Northern Arizona focused on Flagstaff’s youth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fundraising is only a small portion of the impact that United Way of Northern Arizona brings to our community. We monitor community needs and focus on the long-term collective impact by working together with other stakeholders and service providers in some of the following ways: Early Childhood Development Kindergarten Readiness Early Childhood Literacy Positive Youth Development Social/Emotional Wellbeing Positive, Supportive Relationships Youth Leadership Development Safety and Security Safe Shelter Food Security Childcare Transportation Medication Assistance General Support for Basic Needs

United Way of Northern Arizona is a local, non-profit organization, governed by a group of dedicated volunteer community members.

100% of your donation will stay here in Northern Arizona, supporting United Way’s work in community-wide efforts to build healthier communities and address our region’s most pressing challenges. Our programs include:
  • Step Up for Youth
  • Safety and Security
For more on these innovative programs, click here.

A group of dedicated volunteers ranging from community volunteers to business leaders carefully monitor community needs, meet with local health and human agencies, review each partner’s request for program funding and invests your contribution in programs that improve the most lives.

Together, we will make a greater impact on creating an educated and thriving community – a community that ensures lasting change. Through collaboration we will combine resources and leverage our talents to drive broader social and systemic change in our community.

Our dedicated Community Investment Fund volunteers are recruited through our list of donors, campaign volunteers, and corporate and community leaders. They carefully monitor community needs, meet with local health and human services agencies, review each partner’s request for program funding and invest your donation in programs that will impact and improve the greatest number of lives. Final decisions on the Community Investment Fund is made by the UWNA Board of Directors

Yes, United Way of Northern Arizona is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and as such your donation is 100% tax deductible. Our tax ID is 86-0211666. This includes donations to the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit/Working Poor.

Because your charitable donations come out of your after-tax earnings, you may deduct the total amount deducted from your payroll checks during the year on the “Gifts to Charity” line of your Schedule A if you choose to itemize instead of claiming the standard deduction. If your employer matches your payroll donation, you cannot deduct any of the matched donation — only your employer can deduct that portion of the charitable gift.

United Way of Northern Arizona prides itself on being a trustworthy and accountable organization. A volunteer committee of financial experts meets year-round, monitoring the organization’s financial position. We maintain high standards of operation and are reviewed each year by an independent auditor, who verifies that our financial statements fairly present the financial position of United Way of Northern Arizona.

89% of all funds raised is returned to the areas of greatest need in our community.

United Way of Northern Arizona is only able to accept certain kinds of personal and real property gifts. Please see our Gift Acceptance Policy for more information. 

One of the most satisfying and productive ways to unite our community is through volunteerism. We thank you for your interest in volunteering for our community. Please click here to learn how to volunteer your time and talent.

Local programs we partner with increase
our funding by 82 cents on the dollar!

More than 45,000 books
have been given to our children

As many as 87,000 mentoring hours
have been provided to youth.

This weekend we will mark a somber tradition that dates back to 1868, just three years after the end of the Civil War. Known then as Decoration Day, it was a time to honor those who persisted in the conflict by adorning their graves with flowers. In 1971 the last Monday was established as Memorial Day. 

We wish you a safe holiday weekend as we continue the tradition of honoring those who gave their all so we could live in freedom. 🕊️

Our offices will be closed on Monday, May 27th. 

#MemorialDay #UnitedInPurpose
Building your child’s library doesn’t have to be a financial burden. 👏🏽

United Way of Northern Arizona is a proud partner of The Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, where children from birth to five years old can receive a free book in the mail each month. 

Check your eligibility and enroll your child today! ✨
Our Northeastern Arizona Representative, Tempy Wessel, has been becoming familiar with the region’s Community Network Team, a coalition of more than a dozen social service and government agencies which works to connect Northeast residents to existing services and programs. 

Tempy’s work includes identifying opportunities for UWNA to support the sustainability of these local nonprofits by partnering with them. 🤝 

Exciting developments for the region in recent months include: 
⭐A community-wide cleanup in Eagar to spruce up the town as it works towards future tourism, taking advantage of its temperate weather and the natural beauty of the White Mountains. 
⭐Funding for full-tuition scholarships for behavioral health at Northland Pioneer College. 
⭐Plans for the upcoming centennial of Route 66 and the collaborative efforts of Winslow, Holbrook, and Joseph City to leverage the celebration of “The Mother Road” to attract more visitors and economic investment in the area. 

UWNA wishes to thank APS, which provided significant funding for the Northeast strategic plan, and Salt River Project, which provided the grant to initially fund the Northeast Representative position. 👏

#UWNA #UnitedWayofNorthernArizona #NortheasternArizona #NavajoCounty #ApacheCounty
We recently received a progress report from Northeast Arizona Representative Tempy Wessel about the region’s efforts to redefine its future. 💪

Tempy joined the United Way of Northern Arizona earlier this year at a pivotal time for Navajo and Apache counties. 

Historically an economically challenged area, the region has faced additional pressures due to imminent power plant closures. Stakeholders are hoping to create new jobs, address workforce development, and increase the supply of workforce housing. 

UWNA is focusing on positive youth development and building the capacity of community nonprofit organizations after receiving community input that substance abuse/mental health, affordable childcare, and afterschool programs are among the top priorities for Northeast Arizona. The creation of the Northeast Arizona Representative position is part of UWNA’s commitment to the region. 🤝

“It’s a huge effort to help support community vitality and positive youth development is critical to that effort,” Tempy said. “Youth are our future workforce and leaders.”

#UWNA #UnitedWayofNorthernArizona #NortheasternArizona #NavajoCounty #ApacheCounty

Take Action Today and Make a Difference

Your donation is a direct investment in the community’s youth.

United Way of Northern Arizona

1515 E. Cedar Ave., Ste D-1
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