Positive Youth Development

This initiative is based on the principles of the 6 C’s which include confidence, character, connection, competence, caring and contribution.  This positive framework will guide our community in organizing services, opportunities, and support to assist our young people in reaching their full potential.

LAUNCH Flagstaff

The mission of LAUNCH Flagstaff is to advance a culture of world-class education for every child in Flagstaff from cradle through career.

LAUNCH Flagstaff, a wide ranging and unique partnership of community stakeholders, is dedicated to creating and maintaining a world-class education for all Flagstaff students using a Collective Impact collaboration framework. LAUNCH Flagstaff serves as an impartial backbone for partner organizations to collaborate in a framework of collective impact. We do this by:

In the Collective Impact framework, partners are convening around specific outcomes and committing to using local data on an ongoing basis to get better results toward those outcomes. This collaboration, which began last year after several years of community input and study, is housed at the United Way, and receives major funding from the Arizona Community Foundation of Flagstaff and The Wharton Foundation. It is not a program or service, but a diverse group representing schools (pre-K through graduate school), businesses, government partners, service organizations, private education providers, non-profit groups, and concerned citizens who recognize that the issues facing our educational system are not just the responsibility of our schools.

LAUNCH Flagstaff


According to a Coconino County Public Health Services District report, the suicide rate in Coconino County is higher than state and national rates.  In 2018, there were 43 recorded deaths by suicide.  Nearly half of the suicide-related deaths in the County between 2010 and 2015 were for people aged 10 – 24.

“We are providing the infrastructure in which our partner organizations can share resources, share accountability, share successes and have a collective community impact on improving educational outcomes,” said Paul Kulpinski, a former Flagstaff United School District Governing Board member who left his position to take the helm at LAUNCH Flagstaff. LAUNCH Flagstaff serves as a clearinghouse for information, data and strategies that lead to continuous improvement of each member’s individual work, thus propelling the success of all members

Areas of Focus

We look forward to sharing our results in the following areas of focus:

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