Early Childhood Development

This initiative will improve social-emotional development, cognitive language skills, early literacy, mathematics, and science learning while increasing support and knowledge for educators, nonprofits, parents, and caregivers. This will help ensure that children meet developmental milestones that lead to success throughout their lives.


The Kindercamp initiative began in 2005 after a survey identified early childhood learning as a major issue of concern in the region. The initial partnership, between UWNA and the Flagstaff Unified School District, has grown to include schools throughout northern Arizona including Williams, Page, Lakeside and Winslow. KinderCamp is a targeted early intervention school readiness program that designed to help children, ages 4-5, with the foundational, social, and academic skills necessary for a successful transition into kindergarten.  Students attending this program receive a basic dental hygiene screening and oral health lessons.  Through home visits, parents and care providers are provided with literacy kits and one-on-one training in literacy, and nutritional and healthy lifestyle coaching. The combination of these services creates and ensures a successful and enriching future for its participants.

Meet Riley
My daughter is always excited to go to school. She always has positive things to say about Kindercamp and her teachers.
Meet Valyrie
I am so thankful for Kindercamp. Watching my daughter become more confident in herself without her brother or parents has been huge. She is learning so much and we have been reinforcing what she is learning at home.
Meet Michelle
We have noticed our daughter has gained more self confidence in herself while attending Kindercamp. Her social and interactive skills have improved significantly. She's become very comfortable with socializing and comprehending the program.
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Dolly Parton Imagination Library

In 1995, the renowned singer and actress, developed a program, in her home of Sevier County, TN, to provide every preschool child with a library of books to encourage a love of reading and learning. The initiative was so successful that she began offering the Imagination Library in any community that would support it.

United Way of Northern Arizona became a partner with Dolly Parton Imagination Library (DPIL) to help families nurture a culture of literacy. Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library is not a charity or a social service; it is a gift to all preschoolers in a community that is financially supported through the United Way of Northern Arizona. Under the program, DPIL provides a carefully selected children’s book to children aged 0-5 once a month free of charge, delivered straight to their door, regardless of their family income. In some cases, these are the first books these children have ever owned. 

When families read to their children, they learn crucial auditory skills.  Children who excel in school educationally, socially and emotionally typically have been provided those important early literacy skills.

Building a home library will encourage a lifelong love of reading that will strengthen and support these children throughout their academic careers. 

To enroll in the program, register online at the Dolly Parton Imagination Library website’s “Find My Program” page by clicking here. Enter your zip code, select United Way of Northern Arizona, and fill out the registration form.


Nationally, only 3 in 10 students entering the 4th grade are proficient readers. Children who are not reading proficiently by the 4th grade are four times more likely to drop out of high school.