Our Impact

United Way of Northern Arizona fosters and invests in high-potential, community-based initiatives to achieve our mission.

Our efforts are focused on investing in the power and potential of successful, resilient youth, while providing basic needs for families and individuals in stress.

Every initiative is measured through community-inspired, outcome-based metrics that are essential to achieving positive social change and sustainable impact for youth and our community.

We bring partners together from every sector–public, private, and non-profit. No other organization brings together as many people, in as many ways, to solve critical issues in the communities we serve.  Together, we can guide members of our communities to achieve their potential through education, to become self-sufficient by earning a stable income, and improve their lives by breaking the cycle.

Read more about our programs and strategic initiatives below.

Step Up for Our Youth

The United Way of Northern Arizona believes in the power and potential of successful, resilient youth to create thriving communities.

Crisis Response

When our community faces pandemics, wildfires, floods or other emergencies, UWNA marshals the volunteers and financial support needed

Community Investment

Together, we will make a greater impact on creating an educated and thriving community – a community that ensures lasting change