You Can Help Provide A Safe Haven

Part of Stepping Up for Our Community is ensuring the safety and security of our residents in times of crisis.

This is why, in partnership with Northland Family Help Center, United Way is working to ensure that a safe haven is available when individuals are dealing with domestic violence or children are in need of foster care.

UWNA’s support – fueled by your donations – is vital for this program, which serves more than 150 individuals each year, including a significant number of children who stay in its youth shelter. This facility is designed to feel more like a home than a shelter, with people cooking together, watching movies and even gardening while they stay there.

“It may not replace someone’s family environment, but we try to make it as welcoming and as safe as possible,” says James Kennedy, Youth Outreach Coordinator.

Please check out the video above and Step Up for Our Community. Your donation will support vital services that provide safety and security when our friends and neighbors are at their most vulnerable. Thank you for Living United!