A Very Successful Workplace Campaign

Emphasizing how local programs supported by United Way of Northern Arizona dovetail with their work as educators, the team at Flagstaff Unified School District doubled the number of participants and donations to this year’s workplace campaign.

Almost 60 school district employees raised $10,572 in the most recent workplace drive for UWNA, compared to $5,259 the prior year and well in excess of the stated goal of $6,600.

The two-week campaign was largely accomplished through emails and posters urging FUSD employees to “Step Up for Our Community,” said Kurt F. Steele, Executive Assistant to Superintendent Mike Penca.

“We tried to make a direct connection that their donations were going to work in their community,” he said.

There was one additional incentive, he added. Superintendent Penca, a member of the UWNA Board of Directors, promised to host (at his own expense) a movie night for all staff and their families if they exceeded the donation goal for this campaign. That movie night has been scheduled for May 19 at the Coconino High School stadium and field.

The superintendent congratulated FUSD staff for their efforts in this campaign.

“Your generosity demonstrated our District’s commitment to Step Up for Our Community to provide for those in need and to support school readiness with KinderCamp™ and free books to children,” he said.

UWNA is grateful to workplaces like FUSD for showing such commitment to our youth and the community at large! Congratulations on this year’s very success campaign and Thank You!

If your workplace would like to host a workplace campaign, please contact UWNA at 928-773-9813. For an individual donation, please click HERE to support programs that foster early education, positive youth development, and safety and security in our community.